Wen Ford Focus? Kylin Community has a surprising answer!

Kylin Network
2 min readMar 10, 2022

It all began with a tongue-in-cheek reply by one of our community members to our tweet recognizing that over 50,000,000 $KYL having been staked.
(Pssst, you can stake here if you want!)

The reply, by @swishamane420, was with a funny twist on the now-familiar ‘Wen Lambo” meme of crypto; “When Ford Focus”.

Although much of the market has declined recently, we wanted to do something funny in retort, so we said:

We decided we were actually serious and wanted to demonstrate the power of our community and its ability to roll with the punches, so we decided to make it official!

To our surprise, our community has run with it; at this point, we have over 500 comments and growing quickly!

Kylin Network is ultimately building something serious, which is a Layer 1 Data Infrastructure for Web3 and DeFi, but our community definitely knows how to have fun! It also speaks volumes to what we can do in concert with our crypto communities in general.

Stay tuned! We just might have a community member in a Ford Focus soon!

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