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3 min readMay 19, 2021

Every week, we will have an esteemed guest or team member to join us on “The Kylin Cave” for an open-ended discussion about all things crypto, blockchain, markets, current events, etc.! We will also have a some special episode programming specific to team milestones, goals, etc. — for example, “Sam’s Tech Hideout”, where he will discuss more technical aspects of the project!

Come into our TG Voice chat and tune in when it goes down!

Please note that we will update this Medium with our schedule and guests as we go, so you can come back here and check to see who is up next!

Please tune in as we will also have some exclusive info featured here from time to time as well as promotions of various kinds.

See you there!

The Kylin Cave: Guests and Schedule

Episode #1 — “Sam’s Tech Hideout”

Time: Friday May 21, 2021 @ 9am EST / 1pm UTC.

Join our Tech Lead, Sam Elamin as he updates the community on our overall technical progress.

In this episode, he will discuss the local testnet, what you can or can’t do, explain where we are with rococo and gather feedback and general knowledge sharing from a tech prospective.

Episode #2 — Interview with Ben Lakoff, Co-Founder of Charged Particles

Time: Saturday May 22, 2021 @ 3:30pm EST / 7:30pm UTC.

Bio: Ben has been actively angel investing since 2015 and since then, has started, scaled, failed, and sold a number of startups and has been an integral part of early-stage startups that have raised over $20M in funding. He also runs a very successful podcast and is an advisor for Kylin Network!

In this episode we will speak about Ben’s experiences in crypto and in his popular podcast as as well as covering topics ranging from NFTs to global macros to current events.

Episode #3 — Interview with Brandon Smith, CEO of Bondly

Time: Friday May 28, 2021 @ 4:00 pm EST / 8:00 pm UTC.

Voice Chat Link:

Bio: Brandon is CEO of Bondly and a pioneer in NFTs. Through Bondly, he is responsible for massifying awareness of NFT technology through his experiences bringing on huge partners and influencers to their platform. Brandon is a tireless innovator and also happens to be a friend and partner to Kylin!

In this episode we will speak about Brandon’s early experiences in crypto, and then some of the more colourful (and famous) people he’s met and interesting situations he’s been in along the way. We will also hear about his general perspective on NFTs and some discussions about predictions on the market and interesting things on the horizon!



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