PolkaPets and Kylin Team Up!

  • Each of these NFT will have only 800 prints available for a limited time sale, and then 400 prints will be saved for future promotions. 400 of each print will be sold on BondSwap and the other 400 will be sold on OpenSea.
  • At 4 PM EST on Wednesday, February 10th, these PolkaPets cards will be available for sale on BondSwap.
  • Each card will cost 0.15 Ethereum and can also be purchased with $BONDLY tokens.
  • BondSwap: https://market.bswap.app/
  • OpenSea: https://opensea.io/assets/polkapets
  • Guaranteed free airdrop of 500 KYL; possible future airdrops
  • Verifiably scarce and limited edition art!
  • TBD exclusive access and promotions within Kylin Network
  • Access to PolkaPets world, the world’s first blockchain-based, collectible monsters game!

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Kylin Network

Kylin Network


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