Plethori Partners with Kylin Network

What does Plethori Do?

What will we do together?

  1. Kylin Network’s data system will supply Plethori’s smart contracts with accurate, secure and timely real-world live data feeds, which will be used to drive the dynamic rebalancing of Plethori’s ETFs. Put succinctly — Kylin’s data feeds will make sure the Polkadot components of Plethori’s ETFs are valued accurately.
  2. Kylin will also facilitate the collection and analysis of Plethori’s ETF trading and price data. As ETFs effectively enable the ability to invest in whole sectors and trends, the data surrounding the purchase of those ETFs will provide valuable information about the trends that they represent. The collection of this data allows for the future potential for monetization through data trading.

Kylin Network will be in the Premier Polkadot ETF!

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Kylin Network

Kylin Network


Building a Cross-chain Platform Powering the Data Economy on Polkadot