Netvrk partners with Kylin Network

What does Netvrk do?

What will we do together?

  1. Kylin will supply ‘standard’ oracle data feeds to the Netvrk virtual world; e.g. Kraken has a building within their virtual world and it will need to be supplied with validated asset pricing — needs ticker info to be accurate.
  2. Various other validated data feeding use cases above and beyond asset price-feeding; e.g. mirroring inventory pricing in a virtual store.
  3. A trusted repository of data warehousing info re: native value transport vehicles to Netvrk: virtual real estate, items, access, services, etc.
  4. Every data type that needs to be accurate and validated we can provide the virtual world of Netvrk.
  5. Kylin Network will receive complementary land in Netvrk where we can showcase exclusive info about the project and even do things like easter egg airdrop events, where our community can try to find hidden NFTs in their virtual world!

Why are we excited?

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Kylin Network

Kylin Network


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