Monthly Technical Update: September 2022

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We’re happy to share some technical updates on Kylin and Pichiu from our effort in September 2022. This month’s updates cover all development efforts from Kylin’s dedicated developers led by the Project’s Tech Lead, Sylvain Cormier.

Polkadot Parachain Rewards

  • Early Bird: Both the regular and early birds that supported Kylin’s Parachain auction by contributing to the crowdloan have had their rewards distributed. Please visit the respective wallets you utilized to contribute to the crowdloan.
  • Parachain Proxies: Users that contributed to Kylin’s parachain crowdloan through Bitfrost will receive the payment of their rewards through them. The Kylin tech team is still working on rewarding users who contributed through Parallel.

Airdrop Register Interface: Kylin’s Technical team developed an interface to enable users to register their ETH-native $KYL to receive $PCHU in an upcoming airdrop scheduled to take place on the 22nd of October 2022. You can read more about the forthcoming airdrop here.

Rococo and Kusama Upgrades:

  • Polkadot client upgrade from version 0.9.24 to 0.9.25
  • Storage deprecation
  • Missing types
  • Kylin-democracy pallet with shortened proposal time
  • Addition of aggregation buffer to Kylin Oracle Pallet
  • Kylin-market pallet
  • Kylin-feed pallet
  • Kylin-reporter pallet
  • Polkadot client version 0.9.24 to 0.9.25
  • Polkadot client version 0.9.25 to 0.9.26
  • Polkadot client version 0.9.26 to 0.9.27

Minimal Viable Product -MVP

Polkassembly: Polkaseembly enabled proposals for rococo-testnet —

Berlin Blockchain Week

  • DeData Salon — This was an excellent opportunity to promote the work at Kylin Network. The major highlight was the promotion of the latest version of the Whitepaper, which received a lot of attention from the audience. This made for great conversation during the networking session, where we connected with other parachains in the Dotsama ecosystem and the more expansive Web3 space.
  • Centrifuge XCM Workshop — This was a great opportunity to interact with other parachains at the roundtable on XCM standards.

Kylin Network strives to be a composable and configurable multi-level oracle infrastructure built as a Polkadot parachain, for the democratization and delivery of accurate data on time, at a reliably low cost. Kylin hopes to offer a way for chain-agnostic APIs to serve data according to service level agreements (SLA) that the consumers of this data will be aware of.

Data source compatibility beyond price feeds will bootstrap a free data market. This will allow market demand to determine the direction of the innovation of a feed, its price, and supply. With dynamic NFTs & SFTs, Kylin’s ongoing development will innovatively tokenize data streams that democratically will be accepted on the Kylin Network.

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