Monthly Technical Update: June 2022

General Technical Update

Oracle and DeData management system design

  • Leveraging Polkadot reputation systems
    Oracle contributing entities are potential attack vectors that could be punished for wrongdoing by the substrate’s elaborate reputation system. We need to investigate this as a possibility.
  • Leveraging other Parachain functionality
    The oracle and DeData management system is elaborate, complicated, and could take several years to build. Other chains have already developed components we can use through XCM instead of having to make everything ourselves. Parity and the W3F have agreed to help us create a strategy for doing this and will be reviewing our white paper with this in mind.
  • Fees, rewards and tokenomics
    As the new architecture designs scale and gains traction, a model for revenue streams is emerging but still needs to be confirmed.
  • During writing the whitepaper and coming up with critical milestones, needs that could be immediately worked on were identified. With this in mind, the following development was initiated as follows:

Blockchain Oracle Conference

Polkadot Hacker House

Polkadot Decoded

$KYL to $PCHU Swap

Archive nodes




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