Monthly Technical Update: July & August 2022

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4 min readSep 5, 2022

Hello Kylians!

We’re excited to provide a technical update on Kylin’s developments for July and August. This is a revision of the previous month’s accomplished work and a synopsis of important accumulated information, outlining tasks that need immediate attention or information that will guide the direction of future development.

  1. We onboarded two new senior substrate developers: It’s been a remarkably short ramp-up time for them, as they are already contributing to the project’s development.
  2. Installed Democracy Pallet: The democracy pallet will be used to certify and vet all actors in the oracle system. As a first step, this will allow Kylin Network to explore how much we can do without the customization of this pallet.
  3. Install RMRK NFT and market functionality: Essential code for managing NFTs, metadata, and transacting them on the market. All ready to be customized.
  4. IPFS research: Research creating an OCW IPFS partition for holding metadata and storing large files.
  5. Aggregation buffer
  • Use of orml oracle code: Initially started with ringbuffer from substrate recipes. Orml code seems easier to use for the time being. The buffer evaluation method is median for now.
  • API data structure: SubmitApi extrinsic created

6. Kusama runtime upgrade

  • Deploy backup node and make data secure for Kusama
  • 0.9.24 upgrade
  • Cleanup
  • Setup subquery for Kusama

7. Polkadot Onboarding

7.1 Add Kylin-runtime for PolkaDot
7.2 Run Polkadot Kylin Collators
7.3 Register parathread
7.4 Submit wasm
7.5 Polkadot auction: The auction was created and started on 17th August 2022.

8. Alliance of Decentralized Oracles: Kylin added to their list of decentralized oracles.

9. Polkassembly: Initial meeting to discuss the use and customization of their API.

10. Substrate builders program: Meeting with a new representative who reviewed all documents. Currently under evaluation.

11. Substrate tooling: Meeting with the person responsible for oracle tooling at Parity. We are currently evaluating the possibility of building an inter parachain exclusive first-party oracle system which could *potentially* give Kylin “common good” parachain status.

12. Onfinality API: A new endpoint for Kylin Network’s Canary network — Pichiu. You can find it here — wss://

August’s Report

  1. Polkadot Parachain slot
  • Upgrade Polkadot deps to 0.9.24
  • Add Kylin runtime

Aug 24, 2022, at 16:38 UTC, Kylin Network won Polkadot Auction 25. Thanks to the collaborative effort of both the team and the community. New measures have been put in place to ensure better planning of technical events:

2. Substrate builders program

The first objective of our collaboration/communication with the Substrate builders program is to first have a detailed review of the expected deliverable milestones for Kylin Network.

3. PCHU Kusama auction reward distribution

All rewards were transferred successfully. Thanks to the team for a collaborative effort.

4. Continuous onboarding

In early August, newly onboarded developers successfully set up their respective test networks. Ex: Polkadot launch/parachain launch

5. Definition of reporters

Research on potential contributors to the aggregation buffer.
— Federated and decentralized oracle system for parachains using XCM.
— Individual Kylin-Collator OCW (TBD)
— Other: API3, RapidAPI, KylinAPIi

6. MVP

  • Subtract MVP from milestones
  • Initial diagrams for MVP

7. New code for the next upgrade

7.1 Democracy pallet

A “vanilla” democracy pallet has been created for customization.

7.2 MVP

  • Dev net-scripts fix
  • Change parachain-launch to use kylin-collator:v0.0.3 dockerhub image.
  • Fix ORML (git submodule) track with specific branch code

7.3 Reporter pallet

This pallet will reside on other parachain collators for them to contribute to the Kylin Oracle aggregation buffers.

7.4 XCM

Multi locations have been included for Bifrost, Darwinia, and Moonbeam.

8. Rococo testnet

The missing spec file was finally found, and local nodes are now ready to execute a runtime upgrade.

9. White paper updates

Now available in the Project repository:

About Kylin Network

Kylin Network is a composable and configurable multi-level oracle infrastructure built as a Polkadot parachain, for the democratization and delivery of accurate data on time, at a reliably low cost. Kylin offers a way for chain-agnostic APIs to serve data according to service level agreements (SLA) that the consumers of this data will be aware of.

Data source compatibility beyond price feeds will bootstrap a free data market. This will allow market demand to determine the direction of the innovation of a feed, its price, and supply. With dynamic NFTs & SFTs, Kylin is innovatively tokenizing data streams that have been democratically accepted on the Kylin Network.

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