Kylin Weekly Update — Week #3: BUIDL

  • Listen: Poll for data requests
  • Extract: Gather information from external APIs
  • Format: Make blockchain data compatible
  • Validate: Ensure that data is impartial and correct
  • Compute: Perform computation too demanding for blockchain resources
  • Broadcast: Make data available to entities requiring it.
  • Accuracy: Should be more precise and less approximate
  • Validity: Should correspond to the real world
  • Reliability: Should always be available
  • Timeliness: Should not be out of date
  • Relevance: Should be pertinent and useful
  • Completeness: should be whole and useful
  • Submission of Data Feed
  • Report Registration
  • API Registration
  • Arbitrator & Keeper Registration

Kylin Around the Web

Team Kylin In New York:
Our Strategic Lead Dylan Dewdney (middle), who gave a talk today at NFT NYC 2022, Tech lead Sylvain Cormier (right) & Co-Founder Kevin Hsu (left) were all in New York—spreading the word about Kylin’s DeData Infrastructure and Dynamic NFTs. Find out more here.

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