Kylin Weekly Update: Maiden Edition — Referendum #205

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4 min readJun 13, 2022


Project Update

A few weeks ago, we announced that Pichiu, Kylin’s Canary Network, successfully secured slot #31 on Kusama. This occurred after six auction attempts, the seventh attempt being the lucky charm we needed to secure our place on the Kusama Network. As some might know, Kusama is the experimental network for Polkadot and acts more like a testnet, whilst Polkadot is the mainnet.

Projects hoping to build on Polkadot can only have their tokens on the Polkadot mainnet after securing their parachain slot. To get to that state of launching on Polkadot, the project’s use cases must be tested on Kusama. Projects like Kylin often go the route of an ERC-20 token standard for fundraising. Then, after securing a Kusama parachain slot, a project will launch their Canary Network’s token. In the case of Kylin Network, ours is Pichiu. $PCHU is the token.

In the not-so-distant future, when Kylin wins a Polkadot parachain slot, we will have the Kylin ($KYL) coin live on the Polkadot mainnet as it finally migrates to its own native chain.

Kusama onboarding Setbacks

The Kylin technical team faced some difficulty getting onboarded to Kusama within the scheduled timeline. Technical difficulties occurred from the incorrect root and endowed accounts, also the inability to upgrade the genesis runtime and updating of the Pichiu tokenomics.

To rectify these issues, the Kylin team followed due process by creating proposal #69. Thank you to our passionate community and those who voted on our proposal to move it to a referendum status.

Results for the Vote for Referendum 205

Kylian’s, we are proud to announce that the referendum passed with a super-majority vote. This will allow the Kylin Dev team to now be able to move forward with building the project out. We are one step closer to having our Canary Network token $PCHU live on Kusama.

The Kylin CTO Sylvain and our Tech Team are very thankful to all who voted in favor of the referendum and can now look forward to completing the next milestones for a successful launch on the Kusama Canary Network.

Our goal is to become one of the top projects in the Polkadot network in the near future.

Community Periodic Updates

Weekly updates:

Starting this week, we will begin publishing weekly or bi-weekly project updates (like this one). It will detail Kylin’s efforts across all fronts regarding marketing, technical updates, partnerships, events, and Kylin’s presence across the press media.

Monthly Technical Updates:

Starting this month, we will also publish a monthly technical update explaining every technological progress the team has made with Kylin. This will be championed by our Tech Lead.

We need the help of our ever-passionate community to help point us to the resources, content, and other material you might come across while surfing the web so that we can report them in our updates to further promote the awareness of Kylin Network to all.

Press Mention:

Kylin Network was mentioned in Cornell University Research Paper:
The research paper is titled Blockchain Oracle Design Patterns. It was an example of stake-based voting-based oracles. It was published in arXiv, a free distribution service for open-access archives of scholarly articles in physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance, statistics, electrical engineering and systems science, and economics. arXiv is maintained and operated by Cornell Tech, an arm of Cornell University. You can read about the paper Here.

Kylin Network Sponsors and Presents at the Blockchain Oracle Summit:
We are proud to sponsor this year’s Blockchain Oracle Summit Berlin 2022. Kylin’s Tech Lead, Sylvain Cormier, makes a presentation at #BOS 2022 on “Examining Oracle and Decentralized Data Market Offering Architecture with Substrate Democracy Pallet & Dynamic NFTs. Please keep your eyes peeled for the video presentation once it goes live. Check out Sylvain on the speaker's list Here.

Kylin Network onboards a Operations and Marketing Lead:

Kylian Network has officially employed the services of Agbona Igwemoh to lead their operations and marketing endeavor while building the infrastructure for the decentralized data economy on Polkadot. Agbona, boasts of a reputable track record of working with some innovative projects like Beam privacy, Sovereign Wallet, and Bictory Finance which he co-founded. He has facilitated more than $10M in fundraising and brings a lot of knowledge and industry experience with the right connections into the role. Read more Here.

Kylin Network Revamped on LinkedIn:

We are pleased to announce that our company page on LinkedIn has been revamped, and the old account has been retired. You can now stay updated with the latest content from Kylin Network on LinkedIn. Ensure to connect to our new account Here.

About Kylin Network

Kylin Network aims to build a cross-chain platform powering the data economy on Polkadot. It will be the data infrastructure for the future DeFi and Web 3.0 powered by Polkadot. Kylin Network will provide valid, reliable, secure, cost-effective, and easily-coordinated data sources and data analytics.

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