Kylin Weekly Update #13: Token2049 Exploits and More

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Hello, Kylians,

We’re happy to share another weekly update on the development effort made by the team behind Kylin Network and the community leaders in promoting Polkadot’s composable and configurable multi-oracle infrastructure. In this week’s edition, we’ll touch on Kylin’s exploits in the just concluded Token2049 event in Sand Marina Bay, Singapore, upcoming events that Kylin will be a part of, product updates, and notable Kylin mentions. The Asia Blockchain Week and Token2049 was a great time out for Kylin Network on many fronts as it provided opportunities for Kylin’s Marketing and Operations Lead, Agbona Igwemoh, known as A.G, to maximize.

Connecting with Dotsama: During the #Polkadot Asia Lounge Party, team Kylin met with team members of several other parachains. One cannot underestimate the importance of in-person connection; this helped strengthen existing relationships while creating new ones that didn’t exist before the event. A.G made a tweet about his experience during the event. You can find it here. The result of this endeavor is evident, as Kylin recently has been invited to join a significant number of Polkadot Marketing groups. Together with other parachains, Kylin is planning for future events where we’ll be present.

Also, several partnerships are currently underway with projects in the Dotsama space and those on other chains. The goal has always been to find partnerships that offer value, other than just a marketing PR stunt. And as Kylin’s technical development continues, it will be great to start connecting/partnering with projects that will utilize Kylin’s Oracle services.

Making Web3 Connections: Kylin’s long-term goal is to become a layer-1 data infrastructure for DeFi and Web3 across all blockchains. Polkadot being the first, acts as a launchpad. Connecting with other projects across other blockchains will be key to taking Kylin’s Data offerings multi-chain. As Kylin continues to build out its product, in due time, these existing connections will be a great asset as business development kicks in to ensure Kylin generates revenue from its partners.

Kylin, Part of DeData Stack: Team Kylin, together with our sister project, Ruby Protocol, worked together during the event. DeData is a suite of web3 middleware infrastructure that will power the distributed data economy for developers, enterprises, and businesses. Kylin Network is part of this infrastructure responsible for providing reliable and validated data feeds. Collaborating with Team Ruby, DeData was pitched to other web3 collaborators and investors, where we received positive reviews.

Kylin Network will be participating in the Polkadot Latin America Hackathon that is currently underway. We have members of the Kylin core team playing active roles in the event. Kylin’s Tech lead, Sylvain Cormier, will lead Kylin’s workshop during the hackathon, with the topic; NFT MetaData & IPFS Storage Layer.

Other team members that will also be involved are Kylin’s Strategic Lead, Dylan Dewdney, who will act as a mentor with other leaders in the Dotsama ecosystem. Lastly, Kylin’s Marketing & Operations Lead, Agbona Igwemoh (A.G), will be one of the judges. You can check the details of the hackathon on the official website.

Crowdloan Distribution via Parachain Proxies: After the successful parachain auction that saw Kylin Network secure parachain #25 in the previous auction, we’re excited about this giant stride achieved by the project. Our last community update announced that the DOT crowdloan rewards had been distributed. Unfortunately, some users that contributed the crowdloan via parachain proxies like Parallel haven’t received their rewards. As stated in the previous technical update, the tech team is still working on rewarding users that contributed via these channels.

In the meantime, contact Kylin’s Community leaders on our official telegram channel if you have difficulty accessing your crowdloan reward.

Staking Program: Earlier this year, the team behind Kylin Network made a tweet thread announcing the initiation of a staking program. The program ran for six months before we won the parachain auction that saw the end of the staking program, as detailed in the tweet thread announcing its inception. Now that the ETH-KYL staking has been paused, the team behind Kylin will assess and provide more updates about the possibility of a future staking program for the DOT-KYL.

However, there will be more ways to earn DOT-KYL in the nearest future. The technical team is finalizing the development of the Kylin MVP product. There will be several opportunities within the system where community members take up roles to act as OCWs feeding the Oracle with off-chain data, for which there will be an incentive in DOT-KYL to be earned. There will be a more detailed post on the various roles there will be, as Kylin’s mainnet comes closer.

11 Days Until Pichiu Distribution!: As earlier announced, the Pichiu token distribution for the airdrop is designed to incentivize our loyal ETH-KYL holders. Holders were advised to complete an onboarding process that required handshaking their non-custodial wallets, where their KYL is held with a substrate-based wallet, where they intend to receive their PCHU tokens.

The thinking behind this is to be sure that only verified ETH-KYL holders are rewarded with PCHU, the tokens of Kylin’s Canary Network — Pichiu. You can find out more details about the process here.

AMA Recap with Polkadot Insider: Kylin’s Operations and Marketing Lead, A.G, had a Live AMA session on Polkadot Insider’s Twitter Space. You can listen to the playback here, and also you can read the recap here.

Kylin Tech Lead Presents During DeData Salon: Kylin’s Tech Lead Sylvain Cormier’s presentation during the DeData Salon that took place in Berlin as part of the Berlin Blockchain week is now available. You can watch his whole presentation here: Kylin gets mentioned as one of the projects listed in top exchanges. Read more here.

Detailed Article About Kylin: An in-depth and exciting article was written about Kylin Network by an independent project known as Bingx. Read the whole article here.

Pichiu in Token2049 Singapore: Pichiu got some representation in the just concluded Token2049 event in Singapore. The team connected with sister projects, loyal community members, and the entire crypto space. See the tweet here.

Kylin Placed in the Class of Winners: Kylin Network was mentioned alongside the other parachains in the Polkadot ecosystem to have won a parachain auction. See the tweet here.

Kylin Network strives to be a composable and configurable multi-level oracle infrastructure built as a Polkadot parachain, for the democratization and delivery of accurate data on time, at a reliably low cost. Kylin hopes to offer a way for chain-agnostic APIs to serve data according to service level agreements (SLA) that the consumers of this data will be aware of.

Data source compatibility beyond price feeds will bootstrap a free data market. This will allow market demand to determine the direction of the innovation of a feed, its price, and supply. With dynamic NFTs & SFTs, Kylin’s ongoing development will innovatively tokenize data streams that democratically will be accepted on the Kylin Network.

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