Kylin Weekly Update #11: Kylians Assembly!

Project Update

Development, operations, and promotion of Kylin Network continue. Despite the unfavorable market conditions, aka crypto winter, Kylin achieves one of its most prominent (if not most significant) achievements in the project’s history. Winning a Polkadot Parachain auction, which by the way, was covered by Yahoo Finance!

As covered in last week’s update, Kylin now has a dedicated Assembly on Polkadot for everything Kylin Network. Although we’re still in the early stages, and as such, we’re currently setting things up. First, we have a little set of house rules to ensure Kylin Assembly remains a safe space for everyone interested in the project’s success. We currently have two open discussions, one being the house rules and the other about the upcoming PCHU airdrop.

Kylin Assembly

We are collecting feedback/insights on the upcoming airdrop; some community members have made suggestions, which the team is currently reviewing. A dApp has been developed to facilitate the handshake of the Metamask wallet and a Pichiu wallet. The next critical phase will be, “WHEN WILL THE PICHIU TOKENS BE TRANSFERED?” for this, we need input from the community. There needs to be ample time for everyone to complete the wallet handshake process before the token transfer is initiated. You can find the community discussion about the airdrop so far here.

Kylin’s democratic pallet relies on several processes involving the community to make decisions/systems genuinely decentralized and democratic. Currently, the democracy pallet has some friction that can be overcome by streamlining processes.

An example is a reduced proposal wait time to a few hours for starters, allowing fast execution and operation. As a community, we must all contribute to enhancing the user experience and customized flow of processes that you can help identify using stories.

We hope to modify the current polling system to optimize users’ interaction during referendums, as formulating questions is essential to maintain momentum. A rapid polling system, the proposal creation process, and perhaps gpt3 will help us manage this.

Kylin’s Polkassembly will be part of the building blocks that will initiate the project’s transition into a DAO, so in the early stages, we need the community to participate in every initiative.

Pichiu Airdrop Update

Significant progress has been made in the workflow and development of the seamless execution of the Pichiu airdrop designed to incentivize our loyal holders of the Ethereum-native KYL tokens. The front-end user interface has been developed and can be checked out

It currently works but still requires finalizing some tests on the airdrop pallet, which is in the same runtime upgrade as the democracy pallet. All this should be coming together soon.

During several iterations of the airdrop workflow, yes, snapshots were taken. Still, ultimately, the dev team’s final process has a better user experience that will benefit the not-so-crypto-savvy community member. To that end, we advise all community members to unstake their KYL and hold them on non-custodial ETH wallets like MetaMask.

A final post will be made to walk community members through the process of claiming their PCHU tokens. Stay tuned.

Parachain is now Live!

Kylin Network’s parachain is now live and producing blocks on the Polkadot Network. The announcement, shared with the community earlier today, had a warm reception by community members.

We thank the community for sticking with the project since its inception in 2020. It’s been a long ride, and there is still some way to go before delivering a working product. Now, more than ever, we need community members to identify roles in the democratic process of Kylin’s system and where they fit in.

In the coming weeks, we’ll release an updated Whitepaper, more educational content that hopes to explain critical points in the Oracle system and the incentives for participation.

Last week, we announced our sponsorship of the DeData Salon coming up on the 12th of September in Berlin. We’re only a week away from the event date, which is also part of the Berlin Blockchain Week. The Kylin team is set to appear at the event, and they look forward to meeting members of our community.

To be a part of the DeData Saloon, ensure to secure a slot and BUY TICKETS HERE.

Pichiu is on Twitter!

Kylin’s Canary Network — Pichiu now has a home on Twitter, where we’ll share more updates on the project’s progress and development. Do give us a follow!

Kylin Network strives to be a composable and configurable multi-level oracle infrastructure built as a Polkadot parachain, for the democratization and delivery of accurate data on time, at a reliably low cost. Kylin hopes to offer a way for chain-agnostic APIs to serve data according to service level agreements (SLA) that the consumers of this data will be aware of.

Data source compatibility beyond price feeds will bootstrap a free data market. This will allow market demand to determine the direction of the innovation of a feed, its price, and supply. With dynamic NFTs & SFTs, Kylin’s ongoing development will innovatively tokenize data streams that democratically will be accepted on the Kylin Network.

Originally published at on September 7, 2022.



Building a Cross-chain Platform Powering the Data Economy on Polkadot

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Building a Cross-chain Platform Powering the Data Economy on Polkadot