Kylin Network Successfully Closes Seed Round Fundraising as a Data Infrastructural Component of Polkadot

“ I think what we are building at Kylin will finally allow the renaissance in the data infrastructural components of blockchain that we need to accelerate toward a future DeFi and Web 3.0 world; we are forming the fibre that connects the real world to the blockchain and we can’t wait to see the universe of imaginative use cases that will result.”

— — Dylan, CEO of Kylin Network

Kylin Network’s seed fundraising investors

“Kylin is one of the sole practical projects built on Polkadot today. With a strong tech approach together with a sensible user-experience, Kylin will definitely disrupt the DeFi and data market with its smart design.”

“Kylin is developing the next generation blockchain data aggregation and analytics solutions, where its Oracle is but a single component to the overall vision. A key challenge for existing oracles is being able to operate on multiple chains simultaneously in a cost-effective manner. Kylin’s development on Polkadot should allow for efficient participation across chains that both adds new value and is competitively priced.”

— — Kyn Chaturvedi, Advisory Board Member/BD Officer of TomoChain

Kylin team’s background

Seed Funding Partners


SigNum Capital

PNYX Ventures

AU21 Capital

Moonrock Capital


ZMT Capital

Tenzor Capital

Rarestone Capital



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