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7 min readJun 11, 2021

Dear Kylians,

With April and May now behind us we can say that a couple of exciting months have passed in which we saw great fundamental progress. After the successful launch of the $KYL token in march, the focus of the Kylin Network team fully shifted to building the project, the team and the community. We see a continued rise in the number of unique addresses that hold $KYL tokens to almost 17,000 right now (a 70% increase since launch), the number of officially announced partners increased to 42, and new team members were introduced to the community.

April was kicked off with the SPECTRE GRP AMA. Dylan attended several telegram AMAs as well as live YouTube events, the podcast recording by Crypto Unplugged and BlockDown 4.0 and closed this series with the Kylin Network and Unifarm Telegram Back-to-Back AMA :

Blockdown 4.0 and more

Our CEO, Dylan Dewdney was invited to be interviewed by Kylin advisor Kyn Chaturvedi at one of the highest profile Blockchain Conferences, Blockdown, which hosted big names such as Miami Mayor Francis X. Suarez, Sergey Nazarov, Erik Voorhees, and Akon!

  • Kylin’s Polish community live AMA:

  • The interview with Ashton Addison:

  • Crypto Unplugged special guest episode:

Partnership Development

As our team continued on building #DeData the number of announced partners that are eager to use the service Kylin Network will provide kept increasing.

In April and May Kylin Network added 15 projects to its ecosystem of DeData partners! All info and dates of each partnership below.

5th of April

6th of April

14th of April

15th of April

23rd of April

29th of April

6th of May

7th of May

8th of May

12th of May

13th of May

Transparency Report

We at Kylin Network value transparency and are always open about how the project is operated. We see it as our commitment to supply openness and transparency to our community and that way help our users to understand how we as a team allocate the major resources of the project. That’s why we delivered a transparency report that contains all the information our community needs when it comes to tokenomics.

All details about the token metrics you can check here in our token transparency report:

Human Capital Expansion

These months we have also been making steps in expanding the Kylin Core Team. We are happy to announce first adjustments have been made to public roles. We were honoured and extremely proud to have been able to present our full time addition to the Developer Team, an already well-known face to the community, our new Data Tech Lead @samelamin!

We as a team are always screening the community for highly talented and passionate guys who like to go the extra-mile and we found that in Sam! To learn more about his qualifications and his future tasks please read the following:

We are also very pleased to welcome @danielleei in the ranks at the Kylin Core Team! Daniel is a highly skilled and experienced Blockchain Dev, previously for DAOMaker among others. Now he’ll support Kylin as a full time Dev on various tasks.

Another announcement we were happy to make was the official addition and promotion of our former Ambassador @BuLLSander as our new Chief Community Manager! Sander quickly made an exceptional career from a community member to a full core team member. He constantly convinces with his passion, his reliability and his friendliness and we felt he will suit this role perfect.

But that’s not everything. Also our KAPs @Danrun, @GuglielmoRuffo and @peteranh910 proved themselves and officially got promoted to full Kylin Ambassadors!

And last, but certainly not least, we welcome @mango_coca to the KAP. You all have come to know Mango as a community member who is always willing to jump in the channels to answer questions and educate the community. He has shown to be able to help people understand the bigger picture -both funfamentally and technically- and with testnet aproaching we couldn’t think of a more ideal apprentice!

Pre-Mainnet Staking

Mantradao — Since nowadays almost everyone who’s invested in crypto is looking for a way to make passive income we have been looking for a way to provide this to our community as well since staking of $KYL won’t start untill the launch of mainnet in Q3. We want to remain close to community and its needs, so we were very happy to be able to provide pre-mainnet staking by utilizing the staking platform of our partner Mantra DAO. This allows Kylians to stake their precious $KYL and gain rewards with every block. In the context of our native staking we felt it was only appropriate to offer pre-mainnet staking capability for our Kylians!

You can check all the details in the link:

Unifarm — We also announced another economic incentive to our precious $KYL holders by being available for staking on Unifarm during their Cohort 8 in which our community set a record by filling the pool in 6 minutes!

Thorchain — A big step for us and the community was getting a KYL?RUNE Pool live on THORSwap by THORChain. THORSwap is the only native cross chain DEX out there enabling Kylians to swap KYL with RUNE, BTC, BNB and other assets + the possibility to earn passive income by providing liquidity.

Therefore we compiled a detailed step-by-step guide:

The Kylin Cave

In May we started with a new initiative to keep the community educated and updated by hosting a (almost) weekly edition of the telegram voice chat ‘The Kylin Cave’ in which great Alpha is shared and those who joined receive great insights on the crypto industry.

The first edition was hosted by our developers Sam and Daniel, followed by the second edition in which Ben Lakoff from Charged Particles was our guest. The last chat we were visited by Brandon Smith from Bondly. We are glad to see we have some loyal community members who joined every edition and look forward to host many more. Any suggestions on guest from the community are always welcome!

Community Development

The Kylin Fire Tweets Program continues and the team is on a constant lookout to tweets that help raise awareness for the Kylin project and expanded the initiative to the official telegram channel as well. In April and May this program has awarded over 482 KYL across 13 tweets and 4telegram post!

We are looking forward to keep rewarding good content delivered by our community and will do all we can to make May an even better month!

Kylin Testnet Launch

We saved best for last for this report. Thanks to many weeks of relentless work from our awesome dev team around our data tech lead @samelaminwe managed to reach one of the most important milestones.

Our long awaited Kylin testnet has been launched and runs smooth from the start thanks to our actively participating community! Testnet represents the first step towards product and functionality that we envisioned from a very early stage: A vision that involves our community members directly and underscores the flexibility and power of #DeData architecture.

About Kylin Network

Kylin Network aims to build a cross-chain platform powering the data economy on Polkadot. It will be the data infrastructure for the future DeFi and Web 3.0 powered by Polkadot. Kylin Network will provide valid, reliable, secure, cost-effective, and easily-coordinated data sources and data analytics.

What is Kylin?:

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Building a Cross-chain Platform Powering the Data Economy on Polkadot