Kylin Network Monthly Report #4

Kylin Network
6 min readApr 7, 2021

Dear Kylians,

It’s been an intense month! March saw the successful launch of our token, $KYL, via an innovative multi-phasic approach: 1) Polkastarter IDO, 2) Balancer LBP, and 3) a Uniswap LP.

It was an intense, fraught, exciting time for the entire team and community as we took the project to a huge milestone, which was to get Kylin ‘out in the wild’ through our token launch. We had challenges in launch like any other project, but ultimately we pulled through together and had an outstanding time achieving this goal!

In a couple weeks, our community doubled in size and we very quickly hit some other milestones that some projects would envy, including 10,000 unique addresses within a week after launch! We also become the #1 trending search on CryptoRank and Uniswap and in the top 5 trending searches on both Coingecko and CoinMarketCap.

Needless to say, and rather suddenly, Kylin Network had much more attention and many more eyes on the project.

TL:DR March was really the month that Kylin became ‘real’. With this new profile and resources under command, we have even greater responsibility and to some extent, pressure to deliver something great. As we always have, we fully intend and are working toward accelerating the world’s transition to DeData.

That said, in March we added 11 projects to our roster of DeData Ecosystem partners, did half a dozen high profile AMAs, got accepted to the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator Program, and got official approval on our Milestone for W3F’s Open Grant Program as just a few highlights.

For a video recap of the intensity once the dust had settled, please check out our very own Chief Effort Officer Dylan Dewdney here.

Also check out our transparency report re: the launch deployer contracts here.

New Official Video

With the help of the talented team at Hypercube, we unveiled our vision with a new video. Please check it out here! (It’s awesome).

In the Media

Kylin was profiled in Forbes as part of an article by the Forbes Technology Council on “How Tech And Blockchain Innovators Can Come Together To Survive The Coronavirus”!

Here’s an excerpt:

“The storage of the most important information is entrusted to the so-called oracles, which operate on the blockchain. Today, oracles are considered the most reliable data source and can be used in medicine, as the case of Estonia has shown. For example, the oracles developed by Kylin Network are capable of verifying any data stored outside the blockchain. At the same time, they are completely impartial sources because the verification process is decentralized and, thus, cannot be manipulated by third parties.”

Blockdown 4.0

Our CEO, Dylan Dewdney has been invited to deliver a Keynote at one of the highest profile Blockchain Conferences, Blockdown, alongside such luminaries as Miami Mayor Francis X. Suarez, Sergey Nazarov, Erik Voorhees, and Akon!

When: April 15–16, 11am-11pm CET Worldwide


Berkeley Blockchain Accelerator

The 2021 Xcelerator Cohort application process was the most competitive to date, with over 200 applications for 21 coveted spots that represent diverse verticals. The Kylin Team was extremely humbled that we were selected!

We intend to fully take advantage of this opportunity to work with the great mind at Berkeley and our fellow Xcelerator winners, of which 9 were Polkadot/Substrate projects in this cohort (underlining the growing trend toward interest in Polkadot/Substrate!).

Technical Development

We continued to develop on our Web3 Open Grant Milestones, getting official approval on Milestone 1, and then moving on to Milestone 2 deliverables.

In addition, we interviewed for the Substrate Builder’s Program (SBP) Phase 2, which went very well. In concert with phase 2 of the program, the following Milestones and Deliverables were defined for Web 3. (Although these Milestones are defined sequentially, we do expect contemporaneous development across them as we gear toward Mainnet in Q3).

Milestone Number 1–3 months development.

  • D1: Data Warehouse — Data Warehouse is the key component to store all the historical data of Oracle API. Finish the process of feeding data.
  • D2: Improve Oracle Node
  • D3: Improve Blockchain Node
  • D4: Design Oracle Data Market

Milestone Number 2–3 months development.

  • D1: Arbitrator Node — The component to challenge all the oracle data in scope.
  • D2: Finish Oracle Node and Blockchain Node with OCW feature enable
  • D3: Documents for how to integrate oracle data services into products
  • D4: Drop Kylin Proxy

Milestone Number 3–3 months development.

  • D1: Introduce Mining schema
  • D2: Provide SDK or documents of using Kylin Oracle API in applications.
  • D3: Finish Kylin Oracle Market Front
  • D4: Include payment system for testing

Partnership Development

Kylin added 11 projects to its quickly expanding roster of DeData partners! All info and dates of each partnership below.

March 8th — 0Chain

March 9th — Apron

March 10th — Rage.Fan

March 11th — Polkafoundry

March 12th — MANTRADAO

March 15th — Raze Network

March 18th — BEPRO

March 24th — MobiFi

March 25th — Royale Finance

March 28th — Genesis Shards

March 30th — Injective Protocol

Community Development

Kylin Fire Tweets Program — To help reward some of our awesome Kylians on Twitter, we unveiled the “Kylin Fire Tweets Program”! This program at the time of writing has awarded over 120 KYL across 4 tweets!

Pink Halo Program — Inspired by an awesome initiative coming from the Thorchain community we enabled our Kylians to show their colors by adding a Kylin halo to their profile pics on Telegram and Twitter with a nifty bot 🤖 to change their pic to get a pink halo. This pink halo — works in concert with our Fire Tweet Program above, so anyone who has it gets their KYL doubled if they are selected.

Community Quiz — We held a fun and educational community quiz and the winner took home 6000 KYL!



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