Kylin Network Monthly Report #4

New Official Video

In the Media

Blockdown 4.0

Berkeley Blockchain Accelerator

Technical Development

  • D1: Data Warehouse — Data Warehouse is the key component to store all the historical data of Oracle API. Finish the process of feeding data.
  • D2: Improve Oracle Node
  • D3: Improve Blockchain Node
  • D4: Design Oracle Data Market
  • D1: Arbitrator Node — The component to challenge all the oracle data in scope.
  • D2: Finish Oracle Node and Blockchain Node with OCW feature enable
  • D3: Documents for how to integrate oracle data services into products
  • D4: Drop Kylin Proxy
  • D1: Introduce Mining schema
  • D2: Provide SDK or documents of using Kylin Oracle API in applications.
  • D3: Finish Kylin Oracle Market Front
  • D4: Include payment system for testing

Partnership Development

Community Development



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