Kylin Network Monthly Report #1

Technical Development

  • Amended rocksdb compilation problems;
  • Attempted to achieve a new method with Off-Chain Worker;
  • Adjusted pallet introduction mode;
  • Tested the on-chain pallet realization of user data;
  • Added extrinsic feature to achieve the manual realization of on-chain data;
  • Fixed POST request issues when calling OCW Proxy API;
  • Dealt with the problems of API interface invocation;
  • Set up API calls;
  • Followed up on the progress of Parity’s contract interaction development and code merge.
  • Completed Oracle contract development and testing;
  • Followed up on the chain extension feature development of ink!, contract support, and the interoperability of pallets;
  • Fixed Oracle data on-chain signature issues;
  • Compiled the doc connecting kylin-node and polkadot.js apps;
  • Optimized the process in which OCW collects external data, allowing users control over the API of the collectible data;
  • Fixed on-chain signature issues, funnelling external data to the blockchain.
  • The current development has moved to the near end with compilation undone, which includes 1, structure design doc 2, demo implementation doc 3, docker Image.

Partnership Development

  • Dec 2rd: The @Kylin_Network and @riodefiofficial joint interview and partnership where Kylin Network will assist the RioDeFi team in data feeds management using its data analytics solutions containing a query engine and REST Server, and later serving external analytics tools;
  • Dec 4th: Kylin Network joined Polkadot DeFi Alliance, forming a platform for this budding community to express its opinions in a strong, unified voice in support of the Polkadot DeFi ecosystem;
  • Dec 7th: Partnership with @tidaldefi was announced where, in addition to providing decentralized price feed oracle services for Tidal Finance, both teams are also working together on validated data feeding and analytic use-cases;
  • Dec 13th: Kylin Network established a partnership with @deficliq. For Deficliq, the partnership will result in having a further layer of security and accuracy for their financial services, so users can refer to a higher level of trust and reliability of underlying asset prices.
  • Dec 16th: Reef Finance partners with @Kylin_Network to access reliable on/off-chain Oracle data on DeFi Platform;
  • Dec 23rd: Kylin Network partners with @Plasma_Pay in exploring innovative ways of monetizing and using data associated with a decentralized data economy operating on Polkadot.

Media Coverage

Community Development

  • The majority of Kylians gather in our Telegram official group, in which specific community rules are laid out and enforced.
  • We have also begun an official “Kylin Technical” group on telegram in advance of our public testnet. This will be a public venue to engage with more technically-oriented discussions and questions and will be led by some of our technical team and some of our more technical community members.
  • In December, Kylin Network allocated a small fund to subscribe to a premium community bot account to help our community managers and ambassadors to surmount fake accounts, scammers, and unsolicited messages.
  • PolkaAMA is a platform Kylin team created that aims to be the platform to share expertise, advertise and connect the whole family of Polkadot projects and everyone interested in Polkadot.
  • Kylin Official Announcement is the official group to issue all Kylin’s official messages. We highly recommend you subscribe to this channel to stay updated with our latest development. (We would like to remind you again that there hasn’t been a TGE yet for KYL. So if you encounter any Smart Contracts/Pools on DEXes like Uniswap labeled as Kylin or KYL they are FAKE! So for your own safety DON’T put any funds into them!)

Team Expansion

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