Kylin Human Capital Announcement!

Kanthan and Logan— Core Developers (Kylin Tech Squad)

What Kanthan and Logan (and Shankar) will do

  • Liaise with and support Project Lead and Technical Team
  • Get to various ‘low-hanging fruit’ milestones in concert with Developer Team and Tech Interface Lead: e.g. Ethereum implementation
  • Work/coding on various pallets in Substrate
  • Evangelize the Kylin solution
  • Assist with design and deployment for PLO
  • Assist with design and deployment for Rococo/Chachacha/Wested testnet parachain
  • Collaborate with developers; contribute, manage issues, PR, etc., on github.
  • do all the above, while learning more of the ropes with the Tech Squad

Kanthan’s Background

Logan’s Background

Shankar’s Background

What they have achieved so far…

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