Apron Network Partners with Kylin Network

Kylin Network is thrilled to announce that we have officially reached a strategic partnership with another Polkadot infrastructural service platform, Apron Network. Kylin network will provide data analytics and data oracle services as well as co-innovating on data marketplace parameters and oracle scripting.

Kylin will offer Apron developers a growing set of decentralized data feeds and oracle scripting to obtain access to a wide variety of real-time validated data sources for the most in-demand assets like cryptocurrencies, commodities, and stocks.

In addition, by integrating data analytics from Kylin, DApp developers on Apron can employ their on-chain query engine and RESTful API to quickly exploit external analytics and applications. In cooperation, Kylin and Apron will maintain extreme infrastructural security and reliability levels.

About Kylin Network

Kylin Network aims to build a cross-chain platform powering the data economy on Polkadot. It will be the data infrastructure for the future DeFi and Web 3.0 powered by Polkadot. Kylin Network hopes to provide valid, reliable, secure, cost-effective, and easily-coordinated data sources and data analytics.

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About Apron Network

Apron Network is committed to build a decentralized infrastructure service platform based on Polkadot ecosystem, providing application developers, application users and infrastructure operators with multiple services, including but not limited to node services, on-chain data indexing service, random numbers and quotation service. Apron is developed by Substrate and can be operated as a parachain of Polkadot/Kusama. A forthcoming future is planned to connect to multiple public chains such as Ethereum, BSC, Filecoin, and Helium, including Layer 2, providing developers with low-cost various blockchain ecological infrastructure services.

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Building a Cross-chain Platform Powering the Data Economy on Polkadot