Announcing Pichiu Network Crowdloan

Why Kusama Parachain Auctions

How Do We Participate?

Overall $PCHU Tokenomics

  • 10% parachain crowdloan stimulus — 10% of total supply will be allocated to this first crowdloan, independent of the amount of KSM lent!
  • 20% parachain crowdloan fund reserve — to cover the possibility of the maximum amount of KSM lent is achieved (50,000 KSM)
  • 10% PLO Reserve (Used for future auctions)
  • 9% Community rewards
  • 5% Lock drop rewards
  • 6% Holders reward
  • 20% Marketing fund (Used for promotions and educational content)
  • 10% Liquidity fund (Liquidity for KSM swaps)
  • 10% developer fund (Used for infrastructure costs and validator rewards)
  • 0.5% $PCHU will airdrop to $KYL holders who lock their $KYL per month. This will last 10 months.
  • 1% $PCHU will airdrop to $KYL holders immediately and the remaining tokens will be distributed each month (0.5% per month)
  • Snapshot details will be shared shortly after winning our slot, so stay tuned
  • Those staking $KYL will also receive airdrop
  • Based on holder rewards of 6%, 6m / 173m equates to 0.034 $PCHU per KYL
  • The values will of course be different for lock drop rewards as its 5% instead of 6%

The Crowdloan Explained in Numbers:

How long Before $PCHU Airdrop?

When Will We Join Polkadot?

The Mission of Pichiu Network

About Kylin Network

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