Announcing Pichiu, Kylin’s Implementation on Kusama

What is Pichiu (PCHU)?

Why Now?

Pichiu Token Distribution

When Will Pichiu’s PLO Launch?

How Do You Participate?

About the Pichiu PLO

Unlocking the Full 300M PCHU in Stages

  1. The first stage has a cap of 100 million PCHU or KSM contributors which means a cap of 100,000 KSMs raised. If Pichiu wins the auction during each stage, the remaining PCHUs will go to the treasury for future auctions. Otherwise, the next stage opens up if we don’t win the slot auction.
  2. The second stage cap is 200 million PCHU and 200,000 KSM. If Pichiu does not win the slot auction during this stage, it will go to the third stage.
  3. In the third stage, 300 million PCHU will be distributed for a cap of 300,000 KSM.

Bonuses for Contribution

Referral Bonus

Parachain Slot Duration

Lock Period

Reward Vesting

One Last thing…..

About Kylin Network

Contact Kylin Network



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