As we move toward making DDMOs a reality we have been working in the background with the team at Nftfy to validate out our vision for kickstarting the DeData revolution through fractionalized NFTs. The team at Nftfy has also been searching for innovative use cases just like ours!(If you are wondering what a DDMO is, read here!)
That said, Kylin Network is extremely pleased to add yet another DeData ecosystem partner: Nftfy!

What does NFTFY do?

Nftfy is the first decentralized protocol that enables NFT holders to Fractionalize their Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in a trustless and permissionless manner. The highly sophisticated — yet user-friendly…

We are very excited to announce and formally acknowledge that, previous community member, Sam Elamin, will move formally to the title and role of Chief Technical Officer of Kylin Network.

Sam joined Kylin a few months ago as Tech Lead, and in that short timeframe has significantly transformed the vision of Kylin Network into reality, helping to launch our Testnet, helping to recruit other talented developers, and even innovating on fundamental and foundational aspects of Polkadot itself.

We are proud and grateful to have Sam in the Core Team, and at this time we feel it is necessary to acknowledge…

Thanks to our talented Dev Team (especially Sam Elamin) and the talented Dev Team at Centrifuge (especially Miguel Hervas), our parachain is producing blocks now (without the impediment of grabbing time ad-hoc via Parity), via Chachacha!

What will we do together?

This technical collaboration also forms the cornerstone of the initiative lead by both Miguel and Sam to make it much easier to run the various functionalities of any testnet process via parachain for anyone.

  1. Hence, any project that needs to deploy a parachain, Sam and Miguel will personally help. …

Kylin Network is extremely pleased to add yet another DeData ecosystem partner: Skyrim Finance!

What does Skyrim Finance do?

Skyrim Finance aims to help investors of different profiles have risk-adjusted returns through fixed-rate and leveraged-yield DeFi products as the First Multichain Decentralized Structured Finance Marketplace.

What will we do together?

  1. Skyrim will utilize various price-feeding (DeData/oracle services) via Kylin Network to provide a robust foundation for their platform to automate various aspects.
  2. Skyrim and Kylin will co-develop any novel use case parameters that could include, for example, new monetization and/or operationalization paths based on data feeding and consumption within a DeData framework.
  3. Skyrim will have access to our DeData Ecosystem…

Dear Kylians,

We are happy to update the Kylin Community on the progress that has been made in the last month of quarter 2 of 2021. We are now heading into the 3rd quarter of 2021 which means some of our biggest milestones are fast-approaching, namely the Polkadot Parachain Auctions and with that Mainnet. We achieved a lot in the last couple of months and June has been no exception when it comes to fundamental growth and progress. Some highlights of this past month include: A notable mentioned in Benzinga, the announcement of a 6 episode series on New to…

Kylin Network is extremely pleased to add yet another DeData ecosystem partner: Asva Labs!

What does Asva Labs do?

Asva Finance, one of the premium products from Asva Labs, is a cross-chain DeFi aggregation protocol that leverages DeFi protocols from multiple blockchains to feature a wide range of functionalities like cross-chain token swaps, lending, borrowing, yield farming, and portfolio management. Their advanced cross-chain routing mechanism offers the best rates to users for all the services they avail from a simple user-friendly interface.

What will we do together?

  1. Asva Labs will make use of the fast and efficient data feeds offered by Kylin Network, while developing in concert what data feeding…

Kylin Network is extremely pleased to add yet another DeData ecosystem partner: Cudos!

What does Cudos do?

Cudos is a scalable computing network for both blockchains and consumers of cloud services. It connects blockchain developers and buyers of cloud services (consumers) with sellers (suppliers), who can monetise their idle computing resources. Cudo’s platform takes just a few clicks to install, after which the software immediately begins generating revenue. Cudos automatically and continuously generates passive income from anyone’s hardware, utilising spare computing power and providing instant ROI. Blockchain developers have access to compute oracles, and enterprises can obtain computation on demand that is cheaper and…

Kylin Network is extremely pleased to add yet another DeData ecosystem partner: Pinknode!

What does Pinknode do?

The goal of Pinknode is to serve as the “Infura for Polkadot” by providing developers with web API access to the Polkadot Relay Chain, as well as future parachains to be deployed by project teams. The latter section is expected to bring about significant value, as Polkadot is designed to function as a network of multiple parachains interconnected by the Relay Chain, as opposed to the single-chain structure used by Ethereum. This would greatly reduce the workload and resource requirements for developers keen on working with Polkadot…

Kylin Network is extremely pleased to add yet another DeData ecosystem partner: KSM Starter!

What will we do together?

Kylin Network has joined the KSM Starter Ecosystem Council. As an Ecosystem Council member and a highly reputable project built on Substrate, Kylin Network is set to provide due diligence and feedback to the emerging Substrate projects applying for IDO (Initial DEX Offering) on KSM Starter. This partnership aims to leverage Kylin Network’s expertise and success to not only evaluate various projects building on Substrate, but also provide valuable guidance to some of the most promising emerging projects entering the Substrate ecosystem.

The Ecosystem Council, an Advisory Board for Future Substrate Projects

The KSM Starter Ecosystem…


One of the central problems in starting any market is understanding the value of widget/quanta/packet for both the supplier and and the consumer. This problem is only compounded in view of untested, little-tested, and/or inchoate markets where both the supply and consumption side may have little to no reference value — to the fore for our project, decentralized data markets!
Traditional market orientation is tripartite: consumer-intermediary-supplier; whereas the next evolution of markets are two-pronged, a direct P2P relationship between consumer and supplier.
At Kylin, we have been developing on the basic thesis, that, just like traditional finance has been paradigmatically shifting…

Kylin Network

Building a Cross-chain Platform Powering the Data Economy on Polkadot

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